Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Summer Vacation

This summer I did many fun things and worked on three
projects.The first project I worked on was a masonry
for my mom. Me and this guy named Jimmy worked on it.
My favorite project is my computer ,it will have
16gb of memory 32 ram and 5200mhs motherboard.
and my third project is wolverine claws. Later I'll
post the instructions on how to make them. I have not completed these projects, but will post pictures when I do.

This summer I also went a boyscout camping trip to
Honokaia.At the camp I only got four hours of sleep
each night, but I earned three merit badges.I was also
the honor camper in our troop, and our troop
alone ate 50+ ice cream bars, and there are only four people
in our troop.The worst thing that happened is that
three boys went to the emergency room, and one of them
was my friend.

Also, my cousins came from Kansas. They stayed at my great grandmas house,and we had a party one night. One night we had to break in because she had gone to the Emergence Room, and had locked the doors.(Grandma is fine now)We had lots of fun, and we even went to Kona a few times and visited some beaches.The day before they left we visited Akaka Falls but it was raining so we went and climbed a Banyan tree.That night we had a party at great grandmas house, and in the morning we took our cousins to the air port and waved goodbye.

This Summer I also worked on my friend's aquaponics farm. We moved an even bigger
rock than last time, and we needed a carjack to lift it. We also got rid of about 7 million tad poles
from the system.
I can now hunt legally since I took a hunter education class, my score for the test was 92 out of 100.
This summer I had a few sleep overs, and
I stayed up till morning doing one game of battleship.

One of the best things I did this summer was go kayaking down in Waipio Valley with our friends Mike and Kristina. They also got married that day.

At the end of the Summer I went to Coconut Island, and I jumped off the tower a few times with my friend.