Thursday, January 29, 2009

Waipio Valley

This is us, during the hike to Waipio as you can see, it doesn't look to hard, but wait
till you have to come back up the hill, I mean MOUNTAIN!! When I got back up to the top of Waipio I looked down at my legs and I could see blood running down them,and upon further inspection I saw that I had bleeding blisters going up and down my legs.By the way those other people in the picture are my friend's, and they went on the hike too, and none of them got blisters, I was the only one who did.
When we got to the bottom of the road, and we were in the valley by the beach
the first thing we all did was sit down in the water and rest.After we were done
resting (thanks to a wave that came a bit to sudden)me and my friend crossed the river, and started to fight the waves.After about 30 min. of unsuccessful battling we started to get a rash, decided to head back to the parents, and then we went back
up the cliff occasionally chasing a car, here and there up the cliff. One car raced
us, and we almost won since they couldn't drive up the cliff very fast for fear of
having their brakes go out, and go crashing down the cliff, and dieing.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


There's my pumpkin having razor eye surgery(he he he get it)razor eye surgery.
Yeah, like kids can actually get their masters degree in surgery.
Anyway, my pumpkin ended up blind, and hated me for the rest of his short life.

This is my outfit for Halloween, and don't worry, the gun is not loaded.
In fact, the gun is fake.At the party we went to, there were lots of games, and food, and trunk or treat.When we first got there, I was trying to disguise my identity, to trick my friend, but my sister blabbed to everyone, so my disguise was totally ruined.By the way my sister is the one in the hula skirt not me, although
I think the hula skirt would be less inconspicuous than me with a gun
and mask.

Monday, January 26, 2009


This is me during an earthquake.Did I fool you? It's actually me in a parade, and
the photographer was tilting the camera.

It was the 2008 Christmas parade in my home town,
and we had these Scrabble(Tm)letters and every once in a while we would mix
up the letters and and then reform it kind of got annoying towards the end
when your hustling around for two people but it was fun anyway.
The trip back was very hard all uphill, and I had already done the whole
parade in another town for Operation Christmas Child.Anyway we kind of freaked out when we got to the car, and
tried to leave and we found the gate locked.Actually, I freaked out.
The car was on the opposite side of the gate.When we got inside the
car we all slumped down pooped(tired).When I finally got
home, I walked inside, and wham! My SISTER SLAMS me with, "you need to go feed the chickens in the poring rain!" (aren't GIRLS sweet

Thursday, January 22, 2009


About a month ago, we went to Mauna Kea because it was snowing very hard up there.
Unfortunately, it was snowing so hard the road was closed, snow instead we went
to Mauna Loa. It was very fun, and we even got to take some snow back with us.

Before we left, my cousin Jesse stuffed a load of snow down my pants, and I had to sit on it the whole way back home. Fortunately we stopped to take some pictures, and let's just say there was still some cold snow left over that wanted to keep Jesse nice and cool.Unfortunately my Grandma went and killed the snow. (let it melt) I was glad that it at least lived good life and died fighting.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


There's me again at a Operation Christmas Child wrapping party, packing gift filled
shoe boxes.Operation Christmas Child is an organization where
millions of people pack, and send gift filed shoe boxes around the world,
to war torn, and poverty stricken areas.This year I sent a box to a 12
to 14 year boy, and I'm still waiting for a reply.
Altogether our island packed 4,303 boxes. This year where hoping to pack 6,000
shoe boxes.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Geocacheing with friends

This is me, with my friend Alex. We are Geocacheing.
Geocacheing is when someone mark's a spot on their GPS, and then
posts it on the Geocacheing website.
When you find the GC, you can trade out an item,
meaning you put something in, and then you can take one thing out.
You also get to write your name, and date
on the note pad inside the GC.
Just for the record, I was the one who found the GC. The GC we did was medium
difficulty, and hard terrain, and I nearly pooped my pants
on the way back to the car.