Friday, February 27, 2009

Yesterday we went to the volcano National Park with some friends of ours.
When they came to pick us up from our office they were apologizing because
they were late,but we told them that we were happy they were late because
we were late too.When we got to the park we were greeted by this park ranger
who had the longest nose hairs on earth, and he tried guessing that we were
here to get our Junior ranger badges, but everyone had at least two.

After our other friends came we went on a guided tour of the park, and saw
some birds too.After the tour we went to have our lunch at one of the camping
spots.After we were done we went to Bird Park, and we only saw 3 birds, and my
sister claims to have seen 13(big eye role)anyway, we saw a hollowed out tree
that you could stand in and I even took a picture of it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I had this idea where instead of making landfills and stuff
like that.We could throw our trash in the lava.This would
be a very eco way to get rid trash,you could even put a
thin layer of tin on it to reduce smoke.Of course not
every one would agree to this idea so it would depend on
how many people voted for it.

By the way, I might get to have a flying lessen tomorrow, and I'm
really excited.My teacher said that I might get to use the rudder
this time because he was going to bring more cushions for me to
sit on.Flying a plane in my opinion is way safer than driving a
car because there is nothing to crash into, unless you have
a death wish. The pilot I'm flying with has landed a plane
without an engine, and I have seen a clip on the internet
where this guy landed a plane on one wing, and lived. So, if
you're in a plane, you have pretty good chances, unless your
plane just spontaneously combusts.

Monday, February 23, 2009


There, I finally got the photos of my potato canon, and now all I
have to do is get some potatoes.I'm not actually firing the canon,
and yes I'm in my pjs.If I had actually fired my canon that
close to my Grandma's house, she would freak out.

Just 2 days ago, we went to Shipman beach, and we saw 2 turtles
although one of them was dead.When we where done playing
and about to leave ,a bee stung me on the bottom of my foot and
I had to walk three miles on it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First flight

On Monday I had a flying lesson, and the teacher let me fly the plane.
It totally freaked me out at first, but I eventually got the hang of it.
When I first started flying the plane, I was kind of swerving around
,and I was going off course, but it was pretty easy after only
10 minutes, I was flying strait and level.Somewhere in the middle of
the flight, we had some turbulence, and I got to experience zero gravity
.We also got to see some whales leaping out of the water, I
didn't get good pictures though, because we were 1,000 feet in the air.
After we landed the pilot said I did a good job, and he gave me a log book.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As you know I'm in the boy scouts and last Friday we got to do a compass
search using coordinates that our scout master made.The first
coordinate he gave us led us to a film canister that had more
coordinates leading to six other film canisters.We were going to do a
lesson on sharpening knives, but we ran out of time and we went home.

By the way, our other scout master was in Europe and now she is back
and we are planing on doing a box car race soon.So we are going to
be making them this weak.Later, we are planing to go on a camp out,
and have different activities like races and games.

Friday, February 6, 2009


this is a short video I made using stick fig animation software and it took me
half an hour to do.I'm very pleased with how it came out the monster was
from a earlier movie i made that played for an hour and it took me
three hours to make.Unfortunately it got deleted off the computer
and I'm now working on making the new version.
I also had a matrix movie that also played for an hour and it even
had a bullet time scene in it.

By the way I might be getting potato's today.Meaning I'll be able to get you
pictures of potato's flying through the air.
(Video will be available soon, experiencing technical difficulties.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Potato Cannon

A few week's ago I finished making my potato CANNON with my dad,and I can't
wait to fire it.The potato cannon is 7ft long, and can hurl a potato 100yrds, and rip holes in plywood.My Grandpa is very worried, but as long as the igniter doesn't blow
out of the holder it should be safe.
There are two types of fuel you can use,there's propane and hairspray,
propane is more flammable, but more dangerous, and sometimes it can break
the wall of your cannon.In my opinion, hairspray is better for various
reasons like you won't shoot flaming potato bits everywhere, and your
cannon won't blow up, and you won't be knocked down from the force of the
explosion in the combustion chamber. By the way don't worry I will have
pictures soon.