Thursday, September 30, 2010

skeleton model

The skeleton shown here is the third one prepared by Vesalius and dates from 1543. It was presented to the town of Basel as a result of an honorary association with the university he was presented by its rector. Vesalius was permitted to make dissections and provided Basel with its first public anatomy. The body of an executed criminal, Jacob Karrar, provided the skeletal material.
information provided courtesy of Anatomy Atlases

This is the first skeleton i know of that was used for the study of anatomy.
Anatomy is important to us today so that we know how to treat broken bones
in olden times people used to think that putting dog brains on a broken bone
would heal it we now know that how to set the bone in the proper position if it is
broken or dislocated,and we know that it only takes time and rest to heal bones not dog brains.