Tuesday, October 26, 2010

flying today

We were mainly going over review but he but we did a midair
landing simulation.The landing simulation was really weird,
and the the controls didn't respond as well, it was like landing a drunk plane.

the coolest thing that happened well we were flying was the plane crabbed.
Crabbing is the weirdest thing that I have ever experienced the plane was flying strait and level but when I looked out the window the plane was moving sideways.
Crabbing happens when a really strong wind blows on one side of the plane and pushes the plane sideways.

Today I went flying with Mike in his Cessna 140.
This is a photo of the propeller it was taken by my cousin Byron,he went flying with mike today also.The next time I go flying I think Mike is going to let me land the plane the last time I flew he let me get the plane in position this time he let me get the wheels just above the runway

Thursday, September 30, 2010

skeleton model

The skeleton shown here is the third one prepared by Vesalius and dates from 1543. It was presented to the town of Basel as a result of an honorary association with the university he was presented by its rector. Vesalius was permitted to make dissections and provided Basel with its first public anatomy. The body of an executed criminal, Jacob Karrar, provided the skeletal material.
information provided courtesy of Anatomy Atlases

This is the first skeleton i know of that was used for the study of anatomy.
Anatomy is important to us today so that we know how to treat broken bones
in olden times people used to think that putting dog brains on a broken bone
would heal it we now know that how to set the bone in the proper position if it is
broken or dislocated,and we know that it only takes time and rest to heal bones not dog brains.

Friday, May 14, 2010


There are two types of atomic b o m b s,an implosion triggered fission b o m b, and a gun triggered fission b o m b.Both work on the same principle e=mc2 where energy = mass multiplied by the speed of light to the power of two.The gun triggered is the simplest way to do it.A pellet of u235 is fired at another pellet of u235 and generates fission.This is only 1.5% efficient but has the same power of 14,500 tons of TNT being shot off.In an implosion triggered fission bomb explosives fire pieces of plutonium into a pellet of polonium that resides in at the center of a sphere that it reacts in. Photo credit located at PICDIT.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


In 13 years I have made 9 deadly weapons,2 catapults
,2 cannons,1 crossbow(that didn't work),3 flamethrowers,and an
invention I like to call a the boomie.I also made a mom voted most
lethal pringle b o m b.

My favorite weapon the pipe cannon,is my favorite because it works,and I made it,and I designed it.It shoots objects about an inch in diameter.So far I have only shot rust into my eye with it,but it was designed to be a prank at the boy scout summer camp.

(Side note:I only use my powers for good, on my private property,
wearing protective gear.)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Flying January 2010

Me and Mike have just done preflight plane inspection, and are getting permission to take off.He is talking to the tower, and telling them his plane number, and there giving him information on where other planes are.

This is the drag race track which I have mistaken as the runway several times.

This is a boring radio tower I don't know why I took a photo of it?
Oh, I know why, because that tower is about 1,000 feet tall.

We are coming in for landing, and
reduced speed down to 60mph.

We have now reduced to 50mph and deployed flaps
we then touched down and he let me taxi the
plane to the hanger.