Tuesday, October 26, 2010

flying today

We were mainly going over review but he but we did a midair
landing simulation.The landing simulation was really weird,
and the the controls didn't respond as well, it was like landing a drunk plane.

the coolest thing that happened well we were flying was the plane crabbed.
Crabbing is the weirdest thing that I have ever experienced the plane was flying strait and level but when I looked out the window the plane was moving sideways.
Crabbing happens when a really strong wind blows on one side of the plane and pushes the plane sideways.

Today I went flying with Mike in his Cessna 140.
This is a photo of the propeller it was taken by my cousin Byron,he went flying with mike today also.The next time I go flying I think Mike is going to let me land the plane the last time I flew he let me get the plane in position this time he let me get the wheels just above the runway