Thursday, May 13, 2010


In 13 years I have made 9 deadly weapons,2 catapults
,2 cannons,1 crossbow(that didn't work),3 flamethrowers,and an
invention I like to call a the boomie.I also made a mom voted most
lethal pringle b o m b.

My favorite weapon the pipe cannon,is my favorite because it works,and I made it,and I designed it.It shoots objects about an inch in diameter.So far I have only shot rust into my eye with it,but it was designed to be a prank at the boy scout summer camp.

(Side note:I only use my powers for good, on my private property,
wearing protective gear.)


Sunny said...

You da bomb!

Hawaii Land Realty Corp. said...

Be careful! Always use your safety glasses!! Love your creativity and curiosity!