Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I had this idea where instead of making landfills and stuff
like that.We could throw our trash in the lava.This would
be a very eco way to get rid trash,you could even put a
thin layer of tin on it to reduce smoke.Of course not
every one would agree to this idea so it would depend on
how many people voted for it.

By the way, I might get to have a flying lessen tomorrow, and I'm
really excited.My teacher said that I might get to use the rudder
this time because he was going to bring more cushions for me to
sit on.Flying a plane in my opinion is way safer than driving a
car because there is nothing to crash into, unless you have
a death wish. The pilot I'm flying with has landed a plane
without an engine, and I have seen a clip on the internet
where this guy landed a plane on one wing, and lived. So, if
you're in a plane, you have pretty good chances, unless your
plane just spontaneously combusts.

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Byron said...

or maybe if you fall asleep, then you might fly into the earth