Friday, February 27, 2009

Yesterday we went to the volcano National Park with some friends of ours.
When they came to pick us up from our office they were apologizing because
they were late,but we told them that we were happy they were late because
we were late too.When we got to the park we were greeted by this park ranger
who had the longest nose hairs on earth, and he tried guessing that we were
here to get our Junior ranger badges, but everyone had at least two.

After our other friends came we went on a guided tour of the park, and saw
some birds too.After the tour we went to have our lunch at one of the camping
spots.After we were done we went to Bird Park, and we only saw 3 birds, and my
sister claims to have seen 13(big eye role)anyway, we saw a hollowed out tree
that you could stand in and I even took a picture of it.

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