Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mauna Kea

This is a picture of the observatory on Mauna Kea,
and I must say it is very beautiful.I might even
go up there soon with the boy scouts in some
kind of parade or something.It will also be
the first time I've ever gone to the top,
I almost got to go to the top once, but the road
was closed.

Speaking of Mauna Kea I even know the the photographer
his name is Byron Matthews,and he is a very skilled
photographer, he even took the photos of the lava.
By the way he is my cousin, and is a very good
at Halo don't even think of trying to beat him
same with my Dad.


Byron said...

Hey dude! Nice job on the blog, your turning out to be a very articulate writer.

Regina Marie said...

Oh nice picture! He is good isn't he?! I hope you get up there soon too.
Paste this link below so you can see what I did with my time one day..I'm sure you'd enjoy it!!