Thursday, March 5, 2009

These are popovers that my grandma made for us
and are very good.Popovers are so good that
I will give you the recipe.although I give
credit to the chef that made the recipe.
You have to have these items,
large muffin tin or special popover thingy
1 1/4 cup flour,1/4 tsp salt,
3 large eggs 1 1/4 cup milk,2 tbsp unsalted
butter cut into 6 or 12 even pieces
depending on how many slots you have for
popovers in your tin tray,
1 tbsp butter melted.
Here's what you have to do.
Grease the popover pan,
preheat the oven to 400f,
heat pan 2 min,
blend flour salt eggs milk and melted butter
for 1 to 2 min,take pan out, and put one pad
of butter in each cup then put pan back in
and melt butter,when the butter is
melted pour in batter, and fill
half way up then put it in the oven for 20
to 25 min. After that, set oven to 300f
and set timer for another 20 to 25
min. After you take them out, (for the 2 time)
make a slit in the popover, and enjoy with jam
or any thing you like (preferably something


Claudia Riley said...

Good job Nerf guy. The cooking time though, depends on how big the cups are. In a muffin tin, might be as short as 15 min.

Regina Marie said...

Hi there!! Oh my goodness! I just knew you'd end up cooking!! There are too many cooks in the family!