Wednesday, January 28, 2009


There's my pumpkin having razor eye surgery(he he he get it)razor eye surgery.
Yeah, like kids can actually get their masters degree in surgery.
Anyway, my pumpkin ended up blind, and hated me for the rest of his short life.

This is my outfit for Halloween, and don't worry, the gun is not loaded.
In fact, the gun is fake.At the party we went to, there were lots of games, and food, and trunk or treat.When we first got there, I was trying to disguise my identity, to trick my friend, but my sister blabbed to everyone, so my disguise was totally ruined.By the way my sister is the one in the hula skirt not me, although
I think the hula skirt would be less inconspicuous than me with a gun
and mask.

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