Monday, January 26, 2009


This is me during an earthquake.Did I fool you? It's actually me in a parade, and
the photographer was tilting the camera.

It was the 2008 Christmas parade in my home town,
and we had these Scrabble(Tm)letters and every once in a while we would mix
up the letters and and then reform it kind of got annoying towards the end
when your hustling around for two people but it was fun anyway.
The trip back was very hard all uphill, and I had already done the whole
parade in another town for Operation Christmas Child.Anyway we kind of freaked out when we got to the car, and
tried to leave and we found the gate locked.Actually, I freaked out.
The car was on the opposite side of the gate.When we got inside the
car we all slumped down pooped(tired).When I finally got
home, I walked inside, and wham! My SISTER SLAMS me with, "you need to go feed the chickens in the poring rain!" (aren't GIRLS sweet

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